How To Order

Prepare Your Files:

Download and install our ICC profiles (see support for more detailed help)

Size your image

Set the physical dimensions at 300dpi for JPEG or 300dpi if you’re sending TIFF files (to aid transfer speed)

JPEG in highest quality is recommended , as there is no difference in print quality to a TIFF and transfer speeds will be much faster.

JPEG files are only subject to quality loss if they are edited and re-saved. If you are working in a typical RAW workflow, we suggest exporting JPEG files from your original files, specifically for ordering.

Please note, we don’t apply sharpening by default, so please ensure your image has been sharpened if required.


Giclée prints are supplied with a 3mm white border unless you specifically request borderless or a larger border. ( A 1” border for signing and numbering limited editions, for example) Borders are added to the print size.

Notes for Sizing Canvas Prints Please size your image to the dimensions of the face of the canvas. We will prepare the wrap free of charge. You can choose the following edge options: Wrap as is. In which case add 56mm to the size you order. Mirrored edges. We will mirror the edge so your composition on the face remains as is. White Edges. We won’t print on the edges. Sample colour from image. Tell us which area to sample a colour from. (ie sky)

Colour Space

AdobeRGB or sRGB (grayscale for B&W images is also acceptable) Make sure the colour space is embedded, to avoid mismatches and colour shifts.

Send Your Files

We prefer Zip up folders of images for easier uploading. If you use dropbox or another service, please send us a link to your files/folders.

Email us your order, quantities and papers to